Super Turbo Sit and Go Strategy

Super Turbo Sit and Go's, also known as Hyper Turbo Tournaments are a yet another form of SNG's. These feature relatively small starting stacks and short blind levels. One tournament can be played in a couple of minutes, which makes them friendly for the so called ''rakeback grinders'', who get most of their profit from rakeback, bonuses and various competitions. Due to the structure of these tournaments, they feature a large portion of luck and the element of skill is not so obvious as in deep stack tournaments. However, in a longer time space the best players will still win. In order to perform well in Super Turbo SNG's, one has to put a lot of effort into studying proper hand ranges to play in various spots, as well as his opponents ranges.

Strategy for early stages

Even though the early stages will only take place for a couple of minutes, playing the optimally is still significant. When the tournament starts, you shouldn't be trying to play aggressively and only play your strongest holdings. Focus on watching the players and spotting the bad and good ones to avoid. Once the blinds go up to at least 25/50, you can open up and steal blinds when the spots are good. How to determine whether a spot is good? Well, firstly you have to be in a stealing position such as the button or cutoff. Secondly, the players on the blinds have to be of passive type and not ones that will go crazy by re-raising every hand.

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Strategy for late stages

The blinds are already big and you'll usually only have a couple of big blinds in your stack. This means that you should completely forget about limping, calling or only raising. The latter one could have one exception in case you hold aces or kings and are trying to trap your opponent. However in general you should play a straightforward game of pushing and folding. If you've watched your opponents closely enough, you should now have a decent idea about how they play. If a player is passive and won't call you without a big hand, you should always exploit it. Start to push all your reasonable hands and ones that are not dominated often, when called such as 57s . Even when you get called, you'll still hold a significant chance of winning. The real benefit is that those passive opponents will fold so often giving away their blinds that will add a really significant percentage of chips to your stack.

Table Selecting

Edges are slim in SNG tournaments in general, but Super Turbos are even more extreme. If you play a tournament with 5 other good players, you likely won't have an edge at all and everyone will be loosing due to rake. You have to be very selective about the tables and only play those that feature at least 1 player worse than you.
A great way for selecting tables is colour coding that should be available at most legitimate online poker rooms. You can use specific colours to mark the bad players and the ones that should be avoided. This way it's easy to see whether you should be joining a particular tournament or not.

Managing your bankroll

Due to the fact that edges are really slim in these tournaments, the statistical variance simply skyrockets. It's easy to go on 100 buy in downswings or upswings, thus having a healthy bankroll is of first importance. I wouldn't advise jumping into playing these tournaments with at least 250 buy in bankroll. Unless you have bonuses coming in every day or some promotional money, it can get ugly.

Picking the Best Poker Sites for Super Turbos

Super Turbos are currently a really popular form of SNG tournaments between both, professional players and recreational ones. You can play hundreds of tournaments in a single day with ease and each individual one takes only a couple of minutes.
Now, how does this relates to poker sites? Well, if you do play hundreds of games daily, you will be paying enormous amounts of money in rake. Poker rooms surely love players like that, but more important is the fact that some of them also highly reward these kinds of players. You'll be able to get as much as 80% from your rake directly back into your account. Imagine that you pay $10,000 in fees monthly and this accounts for $8,000 in your pocket on top of any winnings from games!