Poker Stars TCOOP (Turbo Championship of Online Poker)

The beginning of 2014 is already becoming interesting in the online poker sphere with Poker Star announcing the third annual TCOOP or Turbo Championship of Online Poker. The event will be held during the period between 23rd of January until February the 2nd. It is a huge event in terms of money prizes, featuring over $15 million in various events. Here’s a short list of the featured game events:
  • $700 No Limit Texas Hold’em scheduled on February the 2nd with $2 million in prizes ($300k for the winner).
  • $2,100 No Limit Texas Hold’em High Roller on February the 2nd with $1 million in prize.
  • $27 No Limit Texas Hold’em and $215 No Limit Texas Hold’em Knockout scheduled for January 23rd (opening day) with a $750k in prizes.
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Many pro players are already looking forward to the events that are part of the TCOOP due to the nature of the games being played, i.e. the fast paced action that is a trade mark of the series.


As mentioned previously, the Turbo Championship of Online Poker justifies its name due to the nature and format of the games – it is a fast paced, action packed series of events that can add up to huge amount of winnings in mere hours. Professional players and regular poker fans alike who either do not possess the patience or the time to sit through games that last hours, are most pleased to participate in event of this magnitude that moves at a faster pace. The previous tracts show tremendously speedy games with players earning thousands of dollars in an average game of 2 hours and 10 minutes, with the fastest being truly “turbo” and requiring only an hours and 37 minutes.


This and similar type of events often award the attendees with awards to celebrate their efforts and earnings. Similarly to previous events, there will be a reward for the best player in the series or first place (A Champion’s Trophy with an added 2015 PCA package with a net worth of $16,500), reward for second (2014 SCOOP tickets valued at $5,200), third and fourth (214 SCOOP tickets valued at $2,100), fifth to tenth (2014 SCOOP Main Event ticket valued at $1,050) and lastly, eleventh to fiftieth place (2014 SCOOP Main Event ticket valued at $109).
In order to qualify, Poker Stars will be hosting events for the TCOOP, with buy-ins going as low as $0.22. FPP or Frequent Player Point buy-ins will go on for 5FPP.