New Jersey Regulated Online Poker

New Jersey is the number two gambling destination in the US after Las Vegas. Maybe it lacks the glitz of its West Coast rival, but the garden state is still a big part of the gambling market in the States. Probably the top destination is Atlantic City because it has classy hotels and poker tables for all types of players from beginners to high rollers. Since 2013 online gambling also became legal in New Jersey and there are quality regulated poker rooms that include and

Online Poker Room Soft Play

The soft play at New Jersey poker rooms was launched on November 21st and it lasted until midnight November 25th. The soft version was a type of a demo launch and the doors of the online poker rooms were only opened up for poker workers and friends that they have invited. After all the bugs and problems were fixed everything was ready for the launch of New Jersey regulated online poker.
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Issues Facing the Project

One of the biggest problems facing the New Jersey regulated online poker is the determination of the right geo-location of the customer. This means that the poker software is not still 100% sure in the determination of the exact location of the customer. Because of this some player may feel like the poker room is treating them unfair because they are residing in New Jersey, but the online gambling entity is not accepting their application to enter. Another issue is the phenomenon of compact accounts. This is the case when one online poker room operates on various markets like Nevada and Delaware. Players that have an account on this poker room can use the advantages of all markets, but compact accounts are complex in nature and are a field where great number of illegal activities can happen.

Positive Sides of New Jersey Regulated Gambling

New Jersey will become a more important online gambling destination than Nevada. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is that Nevada offers only poker whilst online casinos from New Jersey have all casino games in their offer. Some other important elements are that New Jersey has greater population and more active gamblers than other gambling sites. The quantity of online sites that offer poker services is also significantly larger than those from Nevada for example. There are twelve gambling sites that operate in the garden state. The tourism connected with gambling will also flourish because lots of people from the states around New Jersey will travel just to play poker or enjoy in some other casino game.

Estimates of the Future

No one knows for sure will the New Jersey regulated online poker succeed because of several reasons and the most important one is the existence of a big black market for this service. People can easily reach some local brick and mortar illegal gambling sites in their neighborhood where they can enjoy a hand of poker.