PokerStars Micro Millions

It's not surprise that PokerStars does it big in the online poker world. They have done many different things in the past that cater to all different types of players. We've seen some of the largest and most popular online poker tournaments in the world today held at this site, and there's a reason why they are currently the largest poker site out there. They feature an incredible amount of traffic, and while they do a little bit of everything, they've put out a new promotion and plan here that is going to get a ton of attention. The reason for this? Well, that's mainly due to the fact that this new tournament series that is offered is going to be focused on the micro stakes players, and will likely draw in many of the high stakes players as well.
The reason why it will draw in so many players is because it is going to be focused on the players who love to play low stakes tournaments. But, it is called the "MicroMillions" promotion because of the fact that the tournaments are going to feature massive guarantees. The buy-in's will be incredibly low so that a wide range of players can buy-in to the action, but the prizes and payouts are going to be huge. There will be an incredible amount of tournaments over a ten day span, and in total you'll find 100 tournaments running over that span. Each prize pool is going to have a very nice guarantee attached with it, and the action will run around the clock, so get your coffee and get ready to roll.
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As far as what buy-in sizes that you can expect, it will start as low as $0.11 and will go up to just a $22 Main Event. All of the tournaments in the MicroMillions are going to fall between these buy-in limits. The action starts off with that $0.11 rebuy tournament and is going to feature a nice $15k guarantee. The overall guarantees are going to range anywhere from $5k up to $1 million, and the Main Event that features that $1 million prize pool is going to guarantee $150k to the eventual winner of the tournament.
With so many different tournaments running around the clock, you need to be prepared. The action is going to run from March 14th to March 24th, and is going to have a wide range of different types of tournaments also. One of the types that you are going to definitely enjoy has to be the ZOOM tournaments that are offered at PokerStars. The full list of the tournaments that PokerStars will offer through this ten day span can be found on their site, and it will break them down into buy-ins, guarantees, and other additional information as well.
This will be a great option for all types of players, and it's likely that you'll find a good combination of the low stakes grinders and the high stakes poker players as well at PokerStars.