FullTilt MTOPS – Micro Turbo Online Poker Series

If you want to play poker, but don’t want to spend great amounts of money this type of game-play will suite you the most. Also this is a great way to learn the basic rules and fundamental principles of the game of poker. You can always buy in at any of the tournaments and start with a bankroll as low as $10. The Micro Turbo Online Poker Series or more commonly known by the abbreviation MTOPS features exactly 75 different micro and low stake events. Although the stakes are small the total prize pool is humongous and exceeds the sum of one million US dollars. This is one of the best multi-entry turbo tournaments that exist and it is always full of excitement and action.

How to Get

The tournament lasts 15 days and you will get plenty of chances to make winnings on one of the 75 tournaments. The main tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of half a million US dollars. You only need to go to Full Tilt, home of the tournament, and choose one of the various payment options to fund your bankroll. While playing you will receive some loyalty points called FTPs (Full Tilt Points), which you can later exchange for tournament buy-ins or some other items held at the Full Tilt Store.
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Types of Tournaments

The presumption that there will be only one type of poker played on all the tables is totally wrong because you can always enjoy the big choice that Full Tilt gives to its players. Besides the very popular game of No-Limit Hold’em you can always try the exciting Irish, 5-Card Omaha and 6-Card Omaha poker variations. The main event is played in a Hold’em variant and each player can buy in for maximum of up to eight times, the sum stays always the same - $14+$1.

Tournament Bounty Hunters

Become a real life bounty hunter and eliminate one of the tournament’s sponsored players. The list of professional poker players present at the tournament includes names like: Gus Hansen, Martins Adeniya, Dermot Blain, Carlos Mavca, Ben Jenkins, Andras Nemeth, etc. They will be all playing at events with numbers 3, 38 and the Main Event. If you knock out any of them, you get a $100 cash prize. This is what makes the whole tournament even more interesting, the amount of extra prizes available to any participant.


Extra Prizes

Besides the Bounty Hunt there are few other features that will bring you extra cash or some sponsored freebees. Each player that reaches the final stage of any event will receive a MTOPS t-shirt and if you actually win the event, you will receive a special jacket with the sponsor logo and a MTOPS winner avatar.
Each player can also win some extra cash or tournament tickets via the MTOPS Leader-board and the Multi Entry Challenge. The top three places on the Leader-board will receive between $1200 and $1900 each in buy-ins for next years’ edition. On the other hand if you cash in more than once at a single event then you can get between one and twenty chips, which will move you up on the Multi Entry Challenge board. You can get the same amount of buy-in privileges for next year as with the MTOPS Leader-board.