If you've ever deposited money into an online gambling site, you know that with the wide range of deposit options out there, it can be slightly confusing. You probably also know that not all online gambling sites are going to allow you to use the standard options like debit and credit cards or eChecks. Some sites require you to go through different e-wallets, which are basically accounts that you can fund by using a credit or debit card, and from there can deposit the money into your online gambling account. This is very safe, and it's a very popular way to get money both in and out of your account. Two of the most popular types of e-wallets are Moneybookers and Skrill, and we'll look a bit more at using these below.

Poker Sites Accept MoneyBookers/Skrill Deposits in 2015

Setting Up Your Account

First off, setting up an e-wallet account by using either Moneybookers or Skrill will be incredibly easy. You need to put in your basic information to set up the account, but from there you need to have a way to actually fund the account. This will typically be with a debit or credit card that will be linked to the account, and then anytime that you want to send money from the card to your e-wallet you can do it almost instantly.

Depositing Money Into Accounts

Depositing money into your e-wallet is one thing, and it'll be pretty easy to set up, but don't worry because setting up your account to deposit money into your poker account is just as easy. You'll just need to pull up the Cashier in your online poker site or online gambling site, and from there you'll be able to choose the option of Moneybookers, Skrill, or whichever of the e-wallets that you choose to use. From there just choose how much that you want to deposit (it must be in the e-wallet), and the money will hit your account almost instantly.

Withdrawing Poker Winnings to e-Wallets

Withdrawing funds is done directly from the online gambling site that you are using. You will just set up your withdrawal through the e-wallet that you are using, and the money will hit almost instantly when withdrawing as well in most situations. Some online gambling sites are going to take a day or two in order to process the withdrawal, but the money still hits your account quickly.


As far as the fees that go along with an e-wallet, you'll be able to receive money for free, but if you want to send money it is going to cost you 1%. Cashing money out from Moneybookers or Skrill is going to have a fee attached to it that will be anywhere between 1.80 to 3.50 EUR typically, but it may vary a bit by site.


Just as many online sites that hold money and help players send and receive money, safety is not an issue at all with sites like Moneybookers and Skrill. They are secure with your money, and help you out if you have any issues or questions at all. You can use the different e-wallets without any worries.