Carbon Poker

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  • Carbon Poker
  • Kahnawake (Canada)
  • 2007
  • 17.5 MB (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
  • $5000
  • 200%
  • POKER14
  • Allows players from US: YES
  • Rakeback Offer: No
  • Mac Compatible: Yes
  • Resizeable Tables: Yes
  • Maximum Tables Play: 20

Special Features

  • 200% Bonus up to $5000 on First Deposits
  • Accepts U.S players
  • Unique features including Deal it Twice and Expose One Card
  • Known for loose and juicy games.
  • Many different deposit and withdraw options
  • Great MTT leaderboard program
  • Exclusive 20,000 Sunday Guarantee

Carbon Poker Review

Carbon Poker is a popular name in the world of online real money poker. They've been around since 2007, which gives players a long history to know that this is a solid and trustworthy site to enjoy. As a part of the Merge network, their software and security don't need to be questioned. They offer a fantastic sign up bonus, as well as guaranteed fair and random games.
Every poker room offers a variety of affordable tables. But when it comes to players who prefer micro stake games, their focus on the low cost variety means that even the best poker sites may not live up to their standards. Carbon Poker's micro stakes offerings are quite varied, which makes them popular with the newer players. The size and popularity of Carbon Poker allows them to offer a much greater variety of game types and stake levels than smaller, less well known sites.

Micro Stakes Cash Games

Carbon Poker has a very impressive number of players online during peak hours, in part because they still accept US players. This means that no matter what time of day or night you want to play, there will be players at the cash tables of a wide variety. The cash games offered include the ever popular Texas Hold Em, Omaha (and Hi/Lo), 7 Card Stud (and Hi/Lo), 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, Ace to 5 Lowball, Deuce to 7 Lowball, Badugi, HORSE and Razz. On top of this, the lowest stake cash games are commonly filled with new players and fish.
Players can find cash game tables with stakes starting at .01/.02 and can range up to the highest level microstake games of .10/.25. Thanks to Carbon Poker's great software players can not only find microstake games in nearly every game type they prefer, but have the ability to easily multi-table up to 8 different cash games at once.
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Micro Stakes Tournaments

Carbon Poker's population isn't only centered on their cash tables. Players can find a low cost tournament no matter their preferred game. Players can find an affordable tournament type no matter what time of day they play. There are tournaments running around the clock. The majority of micro stake tournaments are Texas Hold em. However players looking for low cost poker tournaments aren't going to be disappointed.
Tournaments ranging from Omaha, Deuce, Triple Draw, Badugi, and more. There are also Sit N Gos running around the clock, and sometimes even Guaranteed tournaments that tend to draw a huge crowd. Even if you prefer to play mixed tournaments such as Razz and HORSE, there's plenty available for everyone.

Carbon Poker Strategy

Microstake strategy varies a bit from the typical poker game. Going into a table filled with brand new players, or casual players who simply aren't paying attention to your more nuanced strategies. Carbon Poker is a well known poker site, which means that their player base is huge. There are many options for real money players including mobile tables as well as the downloaded software tables, and there is never a lack of competition at these tables.
Just because you are at the micro stake tables does not mean that you should assume that you are the most skilled player at the table. It is true that new players, otherwise known as fish, tend to prefer the lowest cost tables but this is a dangerous assumption to make. Players may simply be working with a small bankroll, building their way up through the stake levels. Other micro stake players may simply be casually enjoying poker games on their mobile where it may be loud and distracting.
Remember that while the amount of cash you're playing with is very small- it is still cash. Pre flop play are generally when the strongest play happens. Microstakes play is often weak post flop, so you often won't be able to bluff these players- they are simply hoping for luck. But the last thing you should do is call them on this! Sure, their bad plays may make you shake your head at their foolish risk, but if it lines your pockets why are you going to improve their strategy?
On this note, players should remember the basic strategies. Fold bad hands. Watch when your opponents raise or bet, because this can be a big indicator of the strength of their cards. Micro stakes players often don't pay attention to the strategies of other players. You would be wisest to play to your hand rather than relying on typical poker strategy as microstake players love to call, and very rarely actually pay attention to the tells of other players. It's unwise to assume that the other players are unskilled.
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