Bitcoin Poker Sites

Poker players and gaming companies worldwide are enticed by the Bitcoin currency and its benefits more and more each day. This relatively new virtual currency has witnessed increasing acceptance in the global market and many governments have admitted that the Bitcoin currency as viable digital money. This way theyíve accepted the fact that a way is needed to make use of bitcoins, instead of working against it. Although itís hard to keep up with all the news about Bitcoin, this article will anyway serve to provide understanding for poker players about Bitcoin.
As the popularity of Bitcoin rises among online poker players gambling sites and poker rooms successfully adopt bitcoins as their currency. Bitcoins help poker players to play online poker without breaking any laws. It is not recognized by governments as official currency, and therefore there are no laws on it. But major countries have been trying to figure out how to regulate it.
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Bitcoin has no natural worth, but on the global Bitcoin market this currency is very valuable. The Bitcoin network used for the flow of this currency is supported and maintained by its Bitcoin users freely and is not owned by anyone; this will help for Bitcoin to evolve without any institution capitalizing on it.
The beauty in Bitcoin is that all transactions at Bitcoin poker sites are entirely independent from any financial or banking institution. No regulation regulates Bitcoin transactions and no centralized authority can take away your transactions. Many poker players that had troubles playing poker with normal money are turning towards Bitcoin, and freely make transactions to play poker. With Bitcoin processing fees are history, and thus all transaction costs that would be incurred with normal currencies are used for giving poker players extremely low rake charges.

Bitcoin Poker Wagers

Playing with bitcoins is almost identical to playing with real money. The main difference is that Bitcoin Poker transactions can be flexible. A bitcoin can divided into way smaller amounts than your Dollar or Euro. You can make wagers as low as 0.00000001 bitcoins, and considering the current value of one bitcoin on the market, you are able to make a single Bitcoin wager that can reach even quarter of a million of dollars.
Transactions are extremely fast and withdrawals are instant and trouble free. No payment processors are required and extended cash out periods are avoided. This speed of transactions has attracted many poker players towards using Bitcoin.
In order to be able to have bitcoins you need to create a Bitcoin wallet. With your wallet created, empty though, you then have to find a Bitcoin exchange where bitcoins are traded for real money and the process of acquiring bitcoins is very straightforward and simpler than you might think.

Bitcoin Poker Sites

Find out which Bitcoin poker rooms are popular and look for player feedbacks. You wouldnít want to play on rigged software. Then find how much player traffic the site has. You wonít be able to play poker if there are no other players to play against. While exploring the Bitcoin poker site or room see if there are any promotions. Playing can be way more interesting with bonuses and rewards, but make sure you to read the fine print. There are plenty of poker sites that are using Bitcoin today, and you shouldnít have trouble finding good one.

Is It Legal and What Are the Benefits?

Bitcoins operate like cash, but you canít trace them. This convenient feature offers anonymity, but because of that you wonít be able to track down your wallet if youíve lost it somehow. You donít literally lose your Bitcoin wallet, as in real life, itís just that the data file used for storing your bitcoins can be stolen, corrupted, lost, it can get unintentionally deleted etc.
The other downside of Bitcoin is that the price for one bitcoin is still fluctuating, sometimes drastically. Its value is hard to predict because itís relatively new, so you can lose a lot of money if the value drops, and vice-versa. This opportunity enables poker players to gain a return on investment just by buying bitcoins at lower price and selling them or playing with them when their value is higher.
But the best thing is that itís completely legal for playing online poker. It gets you around any law about online gambling and banks canít block your transactions. Itís virtual and therefore itís not considered as real currency. This has helped players to get some poker action that havenít been able to gamble online because of legislations, like in the case of players from USA. On top of that, a standard Bitcoin site wonít even ask for your personal details, because there is no need for it.