How To Beat Micro Stakes Poker

Micro Stakes Poker isn't a specific level or stake, it's rather a term describing the foundation of online poker play – the smallest stakes available. This is exactly where you should be looking to start your online poker adventure and if you work hard enough, you'll move up in no time. Whether your plan is to play for a living one day or just to take up poker as a hobby, we will try our best to walk you through various aspects and teach you the skills that are required for beating these games. Before we jump into some strategical advice, I would like to say that I've played several hundred thousand hands in Micro Stakes Cash Games, so the advice you will find is my personal experience in these stakes. I doubt these games have changed all that much so it should still hold great value in todays games. Lets move on to the 5 golden rules for beating the micro stakes.

Rule Nr. 1 – Play Tight

If you aren't familiar with poker terms, playing tight stands for playing only strong hands before the flop. Should you play only aces? No, absolutely not, but you shouldn't be playing trashy hands like 94o either. There are several aspects that you can base your decision on and we will learn about all of them later on, but for now – tight is right.

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Rule Nr. 2 – Be Aggressive

With aggressive I don't mean you smashing your computer every time someone delivers a bad beat on you, but rather that, when you're in a hand – bet and raise. You already learned that you should be playing tight, which means that hands that you're going to play will be strong so why not bet with them and win money?

Rule Nr. 3 – Look for Easy Tables

Poker is a game of edges so in order to win money you must be a better player than someone else – your opponent. You could be a great player, but if you sat down with several better players, you would still loose money. Table selecting is a powerful weapon, especially when you're just starting out. Try to find players that seem to be playing bad and giving their money away. This might sound like a lot of work, but if you aren't prepared to put in some work, you will never make it.

Rule Nr. 4 – Follow Bankroll Management

Managing your money correctly is essential in life, business and also in poker. Many great ones have gone broke because they didn't understand the importance of this. You should always take a careful approach to how many buy ins you have into your account. We will devote a complete article about this concept, but for now you'll know that you should have way more into your account than you have at the tables.

Rule Nr. 5 – Strive to learn & get better

If you're looking to make it big time, there's a lot of work ahead. Poker is a complex game and one where you have to basically solve the puzzle using incomplete information. How does one get better in Poker? It's rather simple, you will have to spend hours analyzing your own play as well as your opponents. There are huge online poker communities where you can interact with other players and I must say that the best way to improve is talk a lot with other poker players. You'll get better at understand how other players think as well.

Bonus Rule – Control Your Mindset

As Poker is played for real money, it's very easy to get angry when you get unlucky. This is also known as ''tilt'' in the poker world. The best players in the world tilt as well, but they've learned to control their emotions. Great start for a player like you would be to play only when you're in a great mindset. If there's something that bothers you and it does not allow you to fully concentrate on playing, simply don't do it. Take a day off and come back when ready.
This was just an introductory article and the road to success in poker is a long one, but it's also exciting and very rewarding. If you work hard, you will get rewarded in the end.