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  • 888 poker
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  • Gibraltar
  • 2002
  • 15.4 MB (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
  • $400
  • 100%
  • No code needed
  • Allows players from US: No
  • Rakeback Offer: No
  • Mac Compatible: Yes
  • Resizeable Tables: Yes
  • Maximum Tables Play: 10

Special Features

  • 100% Bonus up to $400 on First Deposits
  • 3D and webcam tables
  • $8 FREE in cash
  • Known for loose and juicy games.
  • Lots of Guarantees and satellites to live events
  • Great graphics and Poker Cam tournaments
  • Exclusive Monthly $1,000 freeroll

888 Poker Review

888poker was originally launched as Pacific Poker. They have a history going back to 2002, and even through the rebranding and name change, they have retained a very loyal player base. The 888 brand offers a wide selection of online gambling options, and thanks to this their poker site draws in plenty of users from all their different options making 888poker a very loose, soft place to play.
When it comes to choosing a poker site to play microstakes, your best best is the larger poker sites. This is because the larger playerbase means that you are likely to find players online no matter the time of day. The greater number of players also allows 888poker to offer a wider variety of game types.

Micro Limit Cash Games

One great benefit of 888Poker's large playerbase is that they can and do offer a very wide selection of games. No matter what time of day you log on to play, there are tables and games available, especially in the ring games. Players can easily see 2000 players at the cash game tables during peak hours.
This means that no matter what game type you prefer to play, Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo, you are likely to find players online and ready to play. The majority of traffic on any large poker site is typically at the micro and low stake games, especially at the Texas Hold Em tables. The microstake tables start at 1/2.
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Microstake cash game play is different than at the mid to high level stake games. These tables are often full of grinders looking to build up their bankroll in the most affordable way possible, new players looking to stretch their dollars on their first deposits, and even casual players who aren't concerned with the outcome as much as the enjoyment. So when you're at the cash game tables players are often wise to not try more subtle strategies. Bluffing your opponents won't typically work as well as the majority of play happens preflop- there's no reason for players to bet or even hold bad pocket cards.

Micro Limit Tournaments

888Poker offers a great selection of tournaments and Sit n Gos. During peak hours players can see 8000 players at the tournament tables. There's a variety of freeroll tournaments available, as well as tournaments with buy ins as low as $1. These tables are well known for loose and juicy play, even up to the midstake levels.
Just like the microstake cash games, the low stake tournaments are commonly packed with new and casual players alike. Thanks to 888 Poker's easy to navigate lobby that allows players to search games and tournaments and organize them by stake levels and buy ins, playing affordable games is easier then ever.
When it comes to micro stake strategy in low cost tournaments, players can keep in mind that it's uncommon to find sharks at this level of tournament. Low cost tournaments typically have smaller prize pools, making it not worth the time of the highest level players. However, this doesn't mean that you won't find good competition. While there is often a good amount of new players, tournaments are extremely popular with casual players as well as grinders, looking to build their bankroll the most cost effective way possible.


There are players who play microstake poker simply to build up their bankroll. There is a few different methods that are common, and players should keep that in mind. It's tempting to look at microstake games as simply a very cheap way to have some poker fun. But with the right strategy, players can build a solid bankroll with minimal investment. This often takes dedication, as well as good poker strategy. Players must play a very conservative type of poker- folding any and all hands that don't have the opportunity to pay out. Chasing every hand is a common error- and microstake gaming is rife with players waiting to see the flop.
Players often need to multi table in order to build enough play time in a reasonable amount of time to build up the bankroll. Often the best method to do this is to start at the lowest levels, and slowly work their way up the stake levels as their bankroll builds. This is a long term strategy, and one that will take patience as well as a poker room with a wide enough variety to make it enjoyable. 888Poker offers a great list of low cost games for players to enjoy.
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